Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson Accommodation

From your Fox Glacier accommodation, Lake Matheson is one of those 'must-see' places. It is visited by hundreds of travellers, who visit the West Coast of New Zealand every year.

Where it is

There is no accommodation on the shores of Lake Matheson, and Lake Matheson Motel is the closest accommodation to it. Simply head 6kms down the road on which Lake Mathesons Motel stands.

How to get there

It is accessible by road and you may wish to walk, cycle or drive there. The walk and cycle back to Fox Glacier is slightly uphill, so be prepared for a bit of exercise. There is a 90-minute track around the lake, which is well worth the effort.

What it is famous for

The lake is an unspoilt West Coast icon, famous for its late afternoon reflections, early morning sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. It is also home to many water birds and the long finned eel and is surrounded by white and red pines and a variety of New Zealand fern species.

When to go

It is best visited on a clear day and the staff at your Lake Matheson accommodation can give you the times for sunset and dawn before you head out there.

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"Your Lake Matheson accommodation is located
in Fox Glacier, 6kms from the lake."


Lake Matheson Accommodation
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